2016 Calendar Raffle

The annual calendar sale fundraiser for the Keene State College athletic department is now underway.   Calendars will be sold throughout the month of October, with drawings to take place each day in the month of November.

All proceeds will benefit Keene State athletics.  Calendars can be purchased by contacting any Keene State College coach or student-athlete, or online by following this link: https://www.events.unh.edu/RegistrationForm.pm?event_id=22292.

Prizes include preloaded gift cards ranging from $50 to $300, gift certificates to Dick's Sporting Goods, the KSC Bookstore, D's Deli, Adidas gift packs, and a KSC parking pass.  Daily announcements of prizes winners will take place throughout the month of November, and will be posted on KeeneOwls.com.

Date Prize Winner Selling Team Seller
11/1 $200 Gift Card Marion Smith Field Hockey Sami Smith
11/2 $50 Gift Card  Patrick Keefe Men's Soccer  Promise Kpee
11/3 $100 Adidas Gift Pack  Jordan Trzepacz  Women's Soccer Sierra Trzepacz
11/4 $50 KSC Bookstore  Elizabeth Kilderry  Women's Lacrosse  Tara Kilderry 
11/5 $50 Gift Card  James Stergis  Men's Cross Country/Track  James Stergis 
11/6 $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Certificate   Patricia Debold  Men's Lacrosse  Kevin Casey 
11/7 $100 Gift Card  Cody Skodinski  Softball  Kaylie Crosby 
11/8 $50 Gift Card  Robin Tolla   Women's Soccer  Brittany Tolla 
11/9 $50 Gift Card  Lynn Downey  Men's Lacrosse   Joseph Downey 
11/10 $300 Gift Card  Brandon Charney  Men's Lacrosse   Brandon Charney 
11/11 $50 Gift Card  Margaret Makar  Women's Lacrosse  Amanda Makar 
11/12 $50 Gift Card  Brandon Charney  Men's Lacrosse  Brandon Charney
11/13 $100 Gift Card  Will Salta  Men's Soccer  Will Salta 
11/14 $100 Gift Card  Tammy Shea  Baseball  Devin Springfield 
11/15 $50 Gift Card  Jameson Ingalls   Men's Soccer  Patrick Whelan 
11/16 $50 Gift Card Veronica Jutras  Men's Lacrosse  Connor Nolan 
11/17 $50 Gift Card  Rick Scott  Men's Soccer   Rick Scott 
11/18 $50 KSC Bookstore Gift Certificate  Bonnie Chappell Field Hockey  Amy Watson 
11/19 $50 Gift Card  Meaghan Dwyer  Field Hockey  Gwen Thayer 
11/20 $36 D's Deli Meals  Michelle Swift  Cheerleading  Michelle Swift 
11/21 $100 Adidas Gift Pack   Denise Hart  Men's Lacrosse  Robert Hart 
11/22 $50 Gift Card  Jen Ferrell  Athletics  
11/23 $75 Gift Card  Thomas Kilderry  Women's Lacrosse  Tara Kilderry 
11/24 $50 Gift Card  Jack Hitchner  Volleyball  Jeni Severino 
11/25 $150 Gift Card  Brent Rezendes  Softball  Summer Cavanaugh 
11/26 $50 Gift Card  Abe Osheyack  Athletics  Abe Osheyack 
11/27 $300 KSC Parking Pass  Ryan Walsh  Men's Lacrosse  Greg Shawinsky 
11/28 $100 Gift Card   Janice Walsh  Women's Swim & Dive  Hope Walsh 
11/29 $50 Gift Card  Kevin Fitzpatrick  Men's Swim and Dive  Quinn Severs 
11/30 $500 Gift Card  Matt Dudley  Men's Cross Country/Track  Matt Dudley