• Eight Little East Conference tournament champions (field hockey, women’s soccer, women’s cross country, men’s cross country, women’s swimming, men’s basketball, men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse)

  • Five NCAA Division III Tournament Teams: (field hockey, women’s soccer, men’s basketball, men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse)

  • Six Athletes represented in NCAA Championships: Samantha Goldsmith (women’s cross country), Shahar Resman, Ryan Boraski, Christopher DiGiacomo, Cole Hogg (men’s swimming), Allison Bartlett (women’s swimming),

  • One ECAC New England Tournament Team: (women’s basketball)

  • Captured LEC’s Commissioner’s Cup – 15th consecutive year

  • 3 LEC Coaches of the Year: Amy Watson (field hockey), Mark Theriault (men’s lacrosse), Sarah Titus (cross country)

  • Seven All-Americas: Shahar Resman, Cole Hogg, Ryan Boraski, Chris DiGiacomo (men’s swimming), Alison Bartlett (women’s swimming), Tyler McKelvie, Ryan Hart (men’s lacrosse)

  • Five LEC Players/Rookies of the Year Honors: Samantha Goldsmith (women’s runner of the year), Philip Parent (men’s rookie runner of the year), Promise Kpee (men’s soccer rookie of the year), Tyler McKelvie (men’s lacrosse offensive player of the year), Hunter Arnold (men’s lacrosse rookie of the year)

  • 116 LEC All-Academic Team Student-Athletes
  • 56 All-Little East athletes

  • 11 All New-England/All-Region athletes