Dr. Sherry Bovinet, Athletic Training

Dr. Sherry Bovinet, Athletic Training

Instead of providing a lengthy list of all her worthy hall of fame qualifications, it might be easier to just note the jobs Sherry Bovinet hasn’t done in her long and productive 35 years at Keene State College.

As long-time colleague Dr. Charlie Beach said, “Sherry Bovinet could do more things well than any other person I met.   Administrator, teacher, athletic trainer, and coach, she not only tackled these jobs, but did them all with excellence.”

Originally from Shawnee town, Ill, Bovinet came to Keene State in 1970.   Having taught in the Illinois public school system and at Eastern Illinois University, Bovient, who holds a bachelor degree from Southern Illinois University and her master’s and doctorate in physical education from University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana, has worn many ‘hats’ at Keene State.

Joining a KSC women’s PE department, that was expanding to include men, Bovinet, taught a variety of courses ranging from skills to science.  At the same time, she also became the College’s first softball, gymnastics, and women’s ski coach, leading her 1972 team to the American Softball Association national tournament.

Moving into administration while still handling a course load, Bovinet in 1974 became the director of athletics and recreation and the chair of the physical education department.  Among her tasks was the implementation of Title IX.  How did she juggle her busy schedule?   “I’m just a very organized and structured person,” she replied.

The arrival of a union in 1979 brought about another career change for Bovinet, who became Keene State’s head athletic trainer.  Later becoming the director of the athletic training program, Bovinet was instrumental in developing the athletic training major which became accredited in 1999.  Bovinet called it one of her proudest accomplishments. “That was my baby from day one,” she said.

Still overseeing the athletic training program and now on her fourth rotation as chief administrator of the PE department, Bovinet, who gives credit to her early mentors at KSC,  still enjoys being in the classroom.  “The bottom line is the students,” Bovinet said.  “The only reason why I’m still doing this is I still absolutely enjoy being in the classroom.”

Through Bovinet’s hard work and the solid education the students receive in the program, many graduates have gone one to make a name for themselves in the athletic training or related fields.

Dr. Bovinet has been dedicated to the education of the students and the high quality of the program, said Bob Merrow, KSC’s current head athletic trainer. 

“What they learned from me is to get organized, get structured, and do it right the first time.  And I won’t make you do it over again,” Bovinet said.  “We call it work ethic.”

Something Bovinet knows a good deal about.