Erin Dallas '10 - Field Hockey

A three time All-American, Dallas' story is one of both triumph and overcoming adversity.  Dallas transferred to Keene State from the University of Michigan in 2007 to play for the Owls.  After leading KSC to Little East Conference championships in each of her first two years, she went in for routine surgery in December 2008.  Four days later, she was re-admitted with an infection, and was eventually diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection that can destroy skin and the issue beneath it.  

Doctors debated whether she would ever walk properly again, much less resume a field hockey career, but Dallas beat all the odds, overcoming multiple surgeries and time in a hyperbaric chamber to begin practicing, and then competing with the Owls and played in all 23 games that season.   Dallas finished her career as the Owls single season and career leader in assists, while ranking in the top 10 in scoring and defensive saves.