Deb Muir '93, Softball

Deb Muir '93, Softball

It only seems appropriate that Deb Muir follow her former Owl softball team mate Laura Mackay Daniels, a 1996 inductee, into Keene State College's Alumni/ Athletic Hall of Fame.

Taking over the coveted shortstop position from Mackay at the start of the 1991 season, Muir not only continued the impressive line of New Harnpshire-bred play­ers who have graced the position over the years, but also went on - in her own right - to set the standard by which future KSC shortstops would be measured.

"I remember watching Laura and thinking that's the way I want to play," Muir recalled. "When she graduated, I decided that I was going to work hard to try to match her accomplishments and set my own goals.

Like a student being inspired by her mentor, Muir would go on to shine in all facets of the game. As head coach Charlie Beach would aptly say, "She could do it." With great hands and anticipation in the field, speed on the base paths, and a bat that routinely sprayed line drives all over the park, Muir had a knack for delivering the key play at the key time.

"Her teammates would tell you if we were in a tight situation, we wanted her at bat. And on defense, she wanted the ball hit to her," said Beach. "Extremely com­petitive and a perfectionist, she wanted to do it right all the time."

"I wanted to be the best that I could and still have fun," said Muir. "That was the main thing. I had so much fun doing it that I didn't think of the pressure."

Muir was a gifted natural athlete who was quiet by nature, but her actions on the field spoke volumes of her dedication to be the best. A three-time regional All-America and All-Conference shortstop, Muir still holds Keene State records for hits in a season (60) and a career (194). She not only left a lasting impression on her teammates and coach, but on anyone else who had the opportunity to see her play.

"I was serving on the New England Intercollegiate Softball Coaches All-Star Com­mittee her junior and senior year," Beach recalls, "And the conversation would begin, 'Deb Muir is the shortstop; now we can discuss the rest....'"

A native of Bedford, N.H., Muir arrived at Keene State following a standout career at Manchester-West High School. Recruited to play both softball and soccer at KSC by fellow Hall of Fame inductee Dave Lombardo, Muir decided to concentrate her athletic pursuits on softball. Joining a 1990 Owl softball team that was composed of eight freshmen, Muir and her teammates played some of the top Division II teams in the region and went on to capture two ECAC Championships.

"We were friends on and off the field and that made a big difference," said Muir of her teammates. "I'm proud of my records and accomplishments, and I hope they serve as goals to be surpassed by future Keene State players."

Equally proud of her work in the classroom, Muir earned her degree in health fitness from Keene State in 1993. Presently living back in New Hampshire following a stay in Florida, Muir is in a hotel management program with Holiday Inn. She still plays softball.