2018 Calendar Raffle

The annual calendar sale fundraiser for the Keene State College athletic department is now underway.   Calendars will be sold throughout the month of October, with drawings to take place each day in the month of November.

All proceeds will benefit Keene State athletics.  Calendars can be purchased by contacting any Keene State College coach or student-athlete.  Online purchase is also available by clicking here: https://www.events.unh.edu/RegistrationForm.pm?event_id=29127.

Prizes include preloaded gift cards, rounds of golf, gift certificates to local restaurants, Adidas gift packs, sport specific gear, and a KSC parking pass.  

Daily announcements of prizes winners will take place throughout the month of November, and will be posted on KeeneOwls.com.  Weekend and holiday drawings will be announced on the next Monday.

Date Prize Winner Selling Team Seller
11/1 $250 Gift Card Bill Currier Men's Lacrosse Connor Nolan 
11/2 $50 Gift Certificate to The Stage Jacob Chiza  Men's Soccer Jacob Chiza 
11/2 Bonus Drawing - Quarterzip shirt and hat Donna McGough Women's Swim and Dive Sydney McGough
11/3 $100 Gift Card to Wal-Mart Trevor Robie  Field Hockey  Hayleigh LeTourneau 
11/4 Round of Golf for 2 at Northfield Golf Course Jackson Brannen  Men's Cross Country/Track  Jackson Brannen 
11/4 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Jenn Bennett Women's Basketball Kenzie Bennett
11/5 $25 Gift Certificate to Amicci's Pizza Cheryl Werner  Field Hockey  Helen Werner 
11/5 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Anthony Fonseca Men's Soccer Anthony Fonseca
11/6 $25 Gift Certificate to Starbucks Jennifer Carey  Women's Swim and Dive  Paige Carey 
11/6 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Kim Pare Men's Soccer Samuel Binogono
11/7 Adidas Gear Megan Conners  Women's Cross Country Megan Conners 
11/8 $25 Gift Certificate to Chipotle Joanna Steinhauer  Women's Lacrosse  Joanna Steinhauer 
11/9 Soccer Gear Krista Sequeira  Volleyball  Kali Sequeira 
11/10 $100 Gift Card to Wal-Mart Lisa Cecchi  Women's Lacrosse  Joanna Steinhauer 
11/11 Round of Golf for 2 at Northfield Golf Course Chase Chamberlin  Men's Lacrosse  Chase Chamberlin 
11/11 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Iid Sheikh-Yusuf Cross Country/Track Iid Sheikh-Yusuf
11/12 $25 Gift Certificate to Chipotle Donna Dovas  Women's Soccer  Mandi Dovas 
11/13 $25 Gift Certificate to Starbucks Will Salta  Men's Soccer  Men's Soccer 
11/13 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Hailey LaLiberte Baseball Aaron Beeney
11/14 $50 Gift Certificate to Fireworks Donna Dovas  Women's Soccer  Mandi Dovas 
11/15 $50 Gift Certificate to Subway Tracey Sangare  Women's Basketball  Samira Sangare 
11/16 $100 Gift Card Will Salta  Men's Soccer  Will Salta 
11/17 $100 Gift Card to Wal-Mart Margie Carlman  Women's Track and Field  Shannon Parks 
11/18 $100 Gift Card John Parks  Women's Track and Field  Shannon Parks 
11/19 $50 Gift Certificate to Chipotle and 99 Laura Dawson  Women's Cross Country  Laura Dawson 
11/20 $25 Gift Certificate to Starbucks Danielle Dionne  Women's Lacrosse  Katie Moorhead 
11/20 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Will Bassett Men's Basketball  
11/21 Round of Golf for 2 at Bretwood Country Club Tanner Boucher  Women's Basketball  Keith Boucher 
11/21 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Renee Junior Men's Basketball Mariano Rodriguez
11/22 $25 Gift Certificate to The Pub Jenny Freedman  Women's Basketball  Jenny Freedman 
11/22 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Daniel Moorehead Women's Lacrosse Katie Moorehead
11/23 Lacrosse Gear Ellen Morman Men's Swim and Dive Michael Moorman
11/24 $25 Gift Certificate to Elm City Brewery Pam Wright  Women's Basketball  Sophie Bushey 
11/24 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Paul Nolan Softball Katherine Iozzo
11/25 Soccer Gear Kathy Dawson  Women's Cross Country  Laura Dawson 
11/26 $25 Gift Certificate to Chipotle Palmer Belowski  Men's Lacrosse  Palmer Belowski 
11/27 $25 Gift Certificate to Starbucks Josh Tefft  Women's Soccer  Alex Kennedy 
11/27 Bonus Drawing - KSC Gear Kate O'Connor Women's Swim and Dive Molly O'Connor
11/28 $50 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden Mariah Passamonte  Women's Lacrosse  Mariah Passamonte 
11/29 $300 KSC Parking Pass Nancy Clark  Women's Basketball  Tamra Gonyea 
11/30 $250 Gift Card Elissa Pratt  Men's Basketball  Cornell Hanna